La Famiglia | Menus
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Main Menu

See our blackboard for our daily specials and fresh fish

Antipasti – Starter

Mozzarella Di Buffala e Pomodoro (v) £7.50
Buffalo mozzarella and tomato, dribbled with fresh basil dressing and topped with rocket salad.

Prosciutto e Melone £7.95
Parma ham with melon.

Funghi Della Casa, Al Dolcelatte (v) £6.95
Stuffed field mushrooms, with spinach and dolcelatte cheese. Oven baked served with a red onion compote.

Salmone Affumicato Con Pepe Nero e Limone £7.95
Scotch smoked salmon with black pepper and lemon.

Insalata Di Fagiolini e Tonno £7.95
Salad of fresh beans, potatoes, black olives and tomatoes with tuna fish.

Gamberoni All’Aglio £9.95
King prawns, chilli, lemon and garlic sauce.

Bar-b-que Pork Spare Ribs £7.50
Half rack of ribs with a special Calabrian bar-b-que sauce.

Insalata Caesar £5.95
Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan cheese & marinated anchovies.

Antipasto Misto £7.95
Selection of Italian hors d’oeuvres.

Avocado Gamberetti £6.95
Avocado served with gamberetti, oven baked with mozzarella, parmesan, basil sauce.

Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (v) £6.95
Layers of aubergine oven baked with parmesan and tomato.

Fish Cakes £6.95
Mixed fish and potato breaded and deep fried, served with a chilli dressing.

Polpette £7.95
Tender beef meat balls cooked in a light tomato sauce, topped with rocket and parmesan shaving.

Bianchetti £6.95
Deep fried whitebait served with tartar sauce.

Insalata Catalana Al Granchio £7.95
Fresh crab meat with rocket, shaved leeks, cherry plum tomato, served with a citronette dressing.


Marinated Olives and Crusty Bread £4.50

Bruschetta Romana £4.70
Toasted bread with freshly chopped tomato, red onion and basil dressing.

Bruschetta Calabrese £4.95
Toasted bread with garlic, mozzarella and spicy Calabrian sausage.

Garlic Bread (v) £3.95
Pizza style garlic bread.

Garlic Bread with Tomato (v) £4.70
Garlic Bread with Cheese (v) £4.70


Minestrone £4.50
Classic Italian vegetable soup.

Pasta e Fagioli £5.95
Homemade soup made with borlotti beans and vegetables served with pasta.


Risotto Famiglia £11.95
Asparagus and Salmon

Risotto ai Funghi £11.95
With mushroom and Truffle sauce

Risotto ai Frutti di Mare £11.95
Seafood Risotto

Insalate As Main Course

Insalata Caesar Con Pollo – Starter: £6.95 Main: £10.95
Cos lettuce with caesar dressing, chicken and parmesan.

Insalata Catalana – Starter: £7.95 Main: £10.95
Tiger prawns with cherry tomato, rocket salad, shaved leeks in a citronette dressing

La Nizzarda – Starter: £6.95 Main: £10.95
Fresh beans, tomato, boiled egg, anchovies, tuna, onion, capers and olives.

(n) Due to the presence of nuts in some products, there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any of our items.

(v) Denotes dishes which are vegetarian.

Dal Forno Della Pizza

All our pizzas are hand made and freshly prepared on the premises

Margherita (v) £6.50

Tomato and mozzarella.

Verzinese (v) £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella and red Italian onions.

Funghi (v) £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella, sliced mushrooms and oregano.

Contadina £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, salami, chicken and garlic.

Capricciosa £8.75
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, anchovies, oregano and a free range egg.

Pizza La Famiglia (v) £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, garlic, olives, parmesan and a free range egg.

Quattro Formaggi (v) £8.75
Tomato and a selection of four cheeses.

Toscana £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, roquette, parmesan, Italian pepperoni sausage, anchovies and olives.

Hawaii £8.95
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, onions and pineapple.

Vegetariana (v) £8.75
Tomato, mozzarella, peppers, onions, mushrooms and artichoke.

Marinara £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella and a mix of sea food spiced with fresh herbs.

O’ Sole Mio £8.75
Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, ham, onions, black olives and oregano.

Calabrese £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella, Italian salami and chilli oil.

Quattro Stagioni £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, salami and Parma ham.

Calzone £9.95
Tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta cheese, ham and fresh basil folded.

Marco £9.95
Parma ham, rocket, shaved parmesan and cherry tomato.

Extra Toppings £1.20

Farinacei – Pasta

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro e Basilico (v) £7.90
Spaghetti with fresh cherry tomato, garlic and basil.

Spaghetti Bolognese – Starter: £5.95 Main: £7.95
Spaghetti with mince beef and a tomato ragú.

Spaghetti Carbonara – Starter: £5.95 Main: £9.25
Spaghetti with bacon, egg yolk, parmesan cheese and cream.

Penne Dello Chef – Main £10.50
Pasta tubes with steak pieces, courgettes in a tomato sauce.

Penne All’Arrabbiata – Starter £5.95 Main: £7.75
Pasta with an Italian bite, chilli and tomato.

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina (v) – Starter: £5.95 Main: 7.95
Potato dumplings with tomato and mozzarella and a touch of cream and parmesan.

Tortellini Della Casa – Starter: £5.95 Main: £8.50
Tortellini stuffed with spinach. Cooked with mushroom and parmesan cheese sauce.

Tortellini Al Prosciutto – Starter: £5.95 Main: £8.50
Tortellini filled with ham, cooked with garlic, tomato sauce and chilli topped with rocket.

Tagliatelle Alla Papa Luigi (v) Starter: £5.95 Main: £9.75
Tagliatelle with red onions, red peppers and broccoli in a light tomato sauce.

Tagliatelle Alfredo – Starter: £5.95 Main: £8.95
Tagliatelle pasta with sliced mushrooms and a light cream sauce topped with parmesan.

Troffiette (n) – Starter: £5.95 Main: £9.75
Troffiette pasta with chicken, asparagus, light tomato sauce and topped with pine nuts.

Linguine Alle Vongole Veraci – Starter: £5.95 Main: £9.50
Linguine pasta with baby clams, cherry tomato and garlic sauce.

Linguine Alla Puttanesca – Starter: £5.95 Main: £9.50
Linguine pasta with tuna, capers, black olives in a tomato sauce.

Cannelloni Di Manzo £8.95
Egg pasta filled with spinach and mince meat, topped with tomato and baked mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Cannelloni Di Spinaci (v) £8.75
Egg pasta filled with spinach and ricotta, topped with tomato and baked mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Lasagne Al Ragú £8.75
Layers of pasta with béchamel and bolognese sauce baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Fio’chetti Di Pere e Formaggi £10.95
Pasta filled parcels with pear and cheese in a creamy sauce with walnuts.

Agnolotti Aragosta £11.50
Round pasta parcels filled with lobster.

Trio Di Pasta Via Qua’ £10.50 per person
A composition of three different pasta dishes. La Famiglia Special (minimum 2 people and above)

Secondi Piatti

Vitello Alla Milanese £15.95
Breadcrumbed veal with spaghetti pomodoro.

Piccatina Al Limone £15.95
Pan fried veal escalopes with lemon

Saltimbocca Alla Romana £15.95
Veal escalopes topped with parma ham and cooked in a light white wine sauce with sage.

Vitello Silano £15.95
Medallions of veal layered with spinach and shallots in a madeira jus.

Petto Di Pollo Con Porcini £14.50
Pan fried chicken breast with white wine, porcini mushrooms and cream.

Pollo Marinato Pilione Favoured Chicken £14.50
Half chicken grilled, marinated with olive oil, garlic, lemon and chilli.

Costolette Di Agnello £19.95
Lamb cutlets grilled in a red wine sauce with dauphinoise potatoes.

Salmone Mare e Monti £15.95
Salmon with mushroom and leeks in a creamy white sauce.

Branzino Alla Griglia £19.50
Seabass fillets with white wine, lemongrass and cherry tomatoes.

Merluzzo £16.95
Roast Cod on a mixed courgettes with tomato and basil dressing.

Medaglione Alla Crema Di Tartufo £20.95
Beef medallion with wild mushrooms and truffle sauce.

Filetto Al Pepe £20.95
Fillet steak served with a creamy green peppercorn sauce.

Filetto Al Dolcelatte £20.95
Fillet steak in a creamy blue cheese sauce.

Tournedo Rossini £21.95
Fillet steak on a crouton base, topped with paté and madeira jus.

Char-grilled Dishes

Paillard Di Pollo £11.95
Flattened chicken breast served on a bed of rocket salad with dressing.

Paillard Di Vitello £13.95
Flattened escalope of veal served on a bed of rocket salad with dressing.

Bistecca Alla Griglia (Extra Mature) £18.50
Char-grilled sirloin steak with tomato and mushroom.

Filetto Di Manzo Alla Griglia (Extra Mature ) £19.95
Char-grilled fillet steak with tomato and mushroom.

Tagliata Di Manzo £20.95
Sliced prime sirloin steak char-grilled, served with rocket, cherry plum tomato, topped with shaved parmesan.

Vegetali e Insalate

Verdure Di Stagione £2.50
Seasonal Vegetables

Sauté Potatoes £2.70

Patate Fritte £2.70
French Fries

Zucchini Fritte £3.50
Fried Courgette Sticks in Cornflour

Spinach £3.95
Sauted with garlic, nutmeg and red wine

Fagiolini £3.95
French Beans Served with Olive Oil and Lemon

Petit Pois £3.50
With Onions and Bacon

Insalata Mista £3.95
Italian mixed leaves salad.

Pomodoro, Cipolla e Olive £3.75
Tomato, red onion and olive salad.

Insalata Di Rucola e Parmiggiano £4.50
Roquette salad with shaved parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette.